Margeaux Rae

CARPAL TUNNEL SUCCESS “For seven years, I was experiencing carpal tunnel in both arms. The pains in my neck, back, shoulders, elbows, forearms, knuckles, including the numbness in the palms of my hands and fingers were so severe it was difficult to type, or hold my car’s steering wheel to drive, a pen to write, or a cup to drink. The pains in my neck did not allow my head to bend to look downward at the ground when I walked, or to look upward at the stars at night, and made it very difficult to turn my head to look at cars on either side of me to change lanes.

I declined carpal tunnel surgery, since it could not guarantee the relief of these severe pains. Instead, I had to make a career change, and endure other life-changing losses. I not only lost my desired career, but I had to give up my hobbies, a desired job, and eventually my home, because I couldn’t pay my bills.

I prayed for a miracle to help get my life back, and in 2013, along came a referral to see Boris Vilner, MBW, CMT. At each session, Boris always made me feel hopeful again. We worked on many layers of pain. In some sessions I would cry from the release work with good happy tears. I learned my pains weren’t just structural but also emotional and psychological. Intuitively Boris helped me find and resolve a childhood repressed pain in my body. Boris is more than a bodyworker. Boris is an angel in a body.

Each session’s results were amazing to me. In the past, I would go to bed with pain and wake up with pain. But, mostly now I can go to sleep and wake up refreshed. I can’t believe it. I no longer have pains when I move my head and neck in any direction, and I am able to do the everyday things with my arms and hands with only a slight discomfort once in a while. Now, if I get a pain, I just make an appointment and Boris helps me with a relieving correction.

I needed a miracle, and Boris gave it to me as a true Master Bodyworker/Healer. He puts in 100% care 100% of the time. You are treated like a royal customer with kindness, compassion and the best of the best healing work. I guarantee it for him.

In the past I have had physical therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, and massage therapy. But, Boris is the best I have ever had for the physical and structural releases for my nerves and muscles, and his help with an emotional release was a key factor in relieving some other structural pains. Boris has the ability and knowledge to do many types of releases and healings. Boris listens to you and your body. He can feel his way exactly to the point of the pain without me even telling him most times. He is truly unique and works with just the right touch and pressure so that he does not cause any additional pain.

I have recommended Boris. I even have him on the top of my list, as # 1, under Business & People I worked with on my website. I tell people, if you are ready to be healed and have an option before surgery to find a solution to your pain, you must go to the Master Bodyworker/Healer, Boris. Invest in yourself, and get the best of the best for pain relief work, Boris Vilner, MBW, CMT.”

Margeaux Rae