Chronic Pain Relief

Why Work With Boris?

"Because of Boris' excellent bodywork therapy, I do not hurt anymore when I work and exercise! I also no longer have to wear a Velcro back supporter at work. My quality of life has amazingly improved!" Hyunmie Chang, RN, Novato, CA

Because many clients, like Hyunmie Chang, have expressed to me "the reason I am successful in relieving their pains caused by injuries is that my problem-solving skills for working with the musculoskeletal system and my application of bodywork techniques are more accurate and efficient than other therapeutic practitioners they have seen."

My successful bodywork therapy is unique and significantly more efficient in the following five ways by:

How I Assess

A client to figure out compensation patterns that are causing pain, muscle weakness, and coordination issues using my unique "body positional testing." This is a very powerful manual muscle testing assessment to duplicate injury patterns (e.g. testing in a chair for car accidents), which the body recognizes as dysfunctional and now will be more receptive to allow corrections to be made to relieve the pain and rebalance the body.

How I Work

With a client using "body positional testing", in a mutually focused and mindful effort, reveals important information not found using regular therapy assessments. It is through these important discoveries that the client and I agree where the appropriate corrections should be applied to start relieving the pains. When given an opportunity, through "positional muscle testing," a client's mind and body has the capability to recognize what is weak and where the pain is causing that weakness.

How I Apply

My unique and specialized bodywork techniques is by working in directions that feel proper to the client and adding the client's appropriate physical movement to resolve the pain and rebalance the body from head to toe. This allows the client and I to know that we are working with the correct pressures and in the correct directions to help resolve the pain issue. Also, by including the client's appropriate physical movement, it helps accelerate the release of adhesions, rebalance the working muscles and joints, and relieve the pain.

How I Work

With your clothes on so that you feel comfortable to freely move around and test to see if we are truly resolving the pain issue and improving the body's strength and balanced movement capabilities.

How I Have

The knowledge and capability to work with and figure out neuromusculoskeletal issues (which have no torn tissue or broken bone) that are causing you pain, from head to toe, and progressively resolve the pain.

How Boris Works With Clients

I assist clients and help to improve an essential part of their quality of life by relieving chronic pain issues caused by injuries from head to toe. Chronic pain may be in a particular location, but it may also be associated with compensation patterns involving other areas of the body that developed over time to avoid further injury to the painful area.

I can find and resolve those compensation patterns to help resolve the pain and rebalance the body. How I work with clients is unique and significantly more accurate and efficient than other therapeutic practitioners in four pragmatic ways by:

  • How the client and I take the time to truly try to figure out or “problem solve” exactly what is going on in the painful area and how it is relating to the whole body.

Besides utilizing regular assessments (such as: the client’s history of the pain and injuries, movement observation, and manual muscle testing), the most important is the detailed conscious palpation on the injured or painful area to figure out what is stuck, not feeling flexible, and not moving. All body parts (skeletal joints, soft tissues, and organs) should have some suppleness. If not, the body part is stuck and needs to be corrected.

  • How the client and I assess together to figure out the solutions to resolve the pain issues using my unique "body positional testing."

I created this important and powerful assessment (to duplicate injury patterns) to help figure out compensation patterns that may be causing pain, muscle weakness, and coordination issues. This method is very important for solving complex chronic pain issues, to help prioritize where we start and continue to do the treatments and in what directions. The body has its hierarchy of needs, and we need to figure them out.

  • How I correct the client’s pain issues associated with musculoskeletal dysfunctions and imbalances using my unique "body positional correcting.”

I created this powerful and more efficient method for treatment by duplicating the injury pattern, applying pressures into directions around the pain area that feels correct to the client, and adding the client’s appropriate physical movement to help release stuck tissues and rebalance and strengthen the working muscles and joints.

  • How I can successfully work through the client’s clothing so that the client can comfortably move around and test to see if we are truly resolving their pain issues.

As we start relieving the chronic pains, clients see an immediate improvement in their range of motion or flexibility and feel more coordinated in their movement patterns. Also, clients feel more functionally integrated and stronger. These exciting healing changes help restore the client’s capability and confidence to move and function in their everyday life’s activities.