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Start Living Without Pain

If you are suffering with chronic pain, joint, and/or muscle pain anywhere in your body:

  • Pain from falls
  • Pain from car accidents ("Whiplash")
  • Pain from sports injuries that are limiting your training and playing ability at any age
  • Pain causing you to lose sleep
  • Tension headaches and jaw pain ("TMJ")
  • Stiff or frozen joints causing pain and limited movement
  • Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and arm to hand pain ("Carpal Tunnel")
  • Sciatic nerve pain, hip pain, leg pain, knee pain, and foot pain ("Plantar Fasciitis")

I am Boris Vilner, MBW, CMT, NMR ® in Novato, California, and I can help relieve your pain and improve your quality of life!

You will be amazed at the immediate improvement in feeling pain relief with regained strength and balance to do your everyday life's activities with more confidence. If there is no torn soft tissue or broken bone, I have a very high probability of resolving your pain from injuries by how:

I find and resolve compensation patterns causing pain.

I apply bodywork therapies in directions that feel proper to the client to help relieve the pain.

I have you physically move around to test if we are resolving the pain.

I apply my knowledge and skill in an accurate and efficient manner to help relieve musculoskeletal pains, caused by injuries from head to toe.

My Neuromusculoskeletal Therapy

Is also the best complement to work with other modalities, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and physical therapy, to help accelerate your recovery from muscle and joint pains caused by injuries.

Articles Written by Boris

Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

It is by using my unique "pain free" treatment, for rebalancing the musculoskeletal system, involving the neck, shoulder, the entire arm, wrist, and fingers that makes a huge difference in helping to resolve the pains and tensions of "Carpal Tunnel.”

TMJ - Jaw Pain-Relief

There are many factors involved (muscular, skeletal, emotional, etc.) that can cause jaw pain and/or "grinding of the teeth.” As powerful as the human's jaw is for the work it does, its structure and muscular connections are also very sensitive. The jaw muscles can easily become reactive to and create a chronic habit of constant tension.

For Relief of Plantar Fasciitis Pain

It is by using my unique "pain free" treatment, for rebalancing the skeletal joints and the breaking up of soft tissue adhesions, involving the whole foot, ankle, and lower leg, that makes a huge difference in helping to resolve "Plantar fasciitis,” heel spurs, and other foot and ankle pains.