Diane P.

KNEE PAIN SUCCESS “Three years ago I slipped on the stairs tearing ligaments around my knee and leaving me unable to walk. As an advanced skier, road and mountain biker I knew this would be a long recovery. Two (2) years and 5 doctors later, all of whom recommended knee replacement which I knew was not the correct diagnosis, I sought another avenue.

As a female in my late 60’s I decided to find a clinic that saw me as an athlete and not as someone on the slippery slope of life. I consulted with the Steadman Clinic in Vail who recommended possible “debridement” of adhesions pending further evaluation. Light bulb! Why would I have surgery if I could find a bodyworker specializing in adhesion/scar/fascia release? And then..I found Boris.

Boris has developed a method for releasing adhesion/ scar/fascia from the adjoining muscle which is neither painful nor adverse. With direction by the client he will find the source of the problem (Non-functioning ankle? Might be from a “stuck” muscle in the shin) and correct it “pain-free”. I’ve seen a number of bodyworkers over the years and none can do what Boris can do to correct pain.

My problem was more complicated than just the torn ligaments and involved sorting out discomfort and pain from a number of previous surgeries. Now at 70 I’m back to biking, but have wisely decided to hang up the alpine skis and stick to cross-country! Thank you, Boris!”

Diane P.