Elizabeth Dunlavy

“ I am really pleased by the progress that I have made working with Boris Vilner; his body work is powerful and life-changing.

I have fallen on concrete several times, as well as having two car accidents. As a school teacher for twenty years, I have often suffered chronic neck and shoulder pain. I assumed that my shoulders and neck, which had taken the brunt of the accidents, were being aggravated by paper grading. I figured that in between chiropractic appointments, I would just have to put up with the aching and lack of flexibility. Happily, I have found that Boris Vilner’s body work sessions have not only helped restore power and vitality to my shoulders, back and neck, but has helped my entire frame. During my first session, I noticed a dramatic difference in my walking and my stance after ligaments and muscles were balanced and stretched. I am very aware of an increase in strength which has been profound and lasting.

I have also had problems with my legs and knees. Some of the problems with my knees stem from tripping and falling on concrete, but I was convinced that the poor circulation in my legs –and the swelling in one ankle, in particular—was due to heredity. (Both my father and grandmother had poor circulation and major bruising/spider veins.) Boris has very patiently worked with me, gently and powerfully reawakening my feet and ankles. I am amazed at how dramatically my legs have responded. I feel more energy moving through my legs now than ever before. And, the perplexing swelling of the one ankle—which had lasted for over 10 months—is dramatically gone.

Boris has also helped me reclaim some of my breath capacity that I thought was lost. By untwisting fascia and ribs that had been stuck together, I have been freed up and now I am able to breathe more deeply and speak and sing with more power. I am also able to sit up much straighter without effort. I used to think that I was being lazy when I noticed my shoulders creeping forward and my core feeling “slack”; I am now sitting with more ease and feel much more vital in my posture, both sitting and standing.

Besides being skilled and knowledgeable, Boris is very attuned to listening —both verbally and in perceiving minute communication from muscles and ligaments. I appreciate that he doesn’t impose a predetermined skill set on me; each session provides relief and unwinding of stress and tension. I have found that pain relief miracles are an everyday occurrence during a session with him. “

Elizabeth Dunlavy middle school teacher, Novato